My adventures on the Rogue River started in the late 40's with my parents (Odell (Deak) and Louise Miller) developing  (Paradise Bar Lodge). What was started as a private summer family home became a lodge for outfitters and their guests that wanted to put the Coffee Pot and Blossom Bar behind them in the late afternoon on their down river trips.

Having the Lodge (Paradise Bar) ready for business I myself was about to start out on my own adventure.  In the middle 60's I married a gentleman who didn't fish or row a raft, this was the end of my Rogue River Experience until the early 80's. By this time I had put 10 years in banking (internal and external operations), 19 years in a marriage, and had two handsome sons about to leave home. I was more than ready to get back to the beauty of nature and enjoy the adventuress people who do river trips.

I started back on the river driving for AIRPORT TRANSIT, and staying on when the business sold until such time I was able to get my own MOTOR CARRIER COMPLIANCE licenses with the STATE OF OREGON. (MOTOR CARRIER PERMIT NUMBER 222285=class 1R PASSENGERS) This exciting adventure happened for me on APRIL 16, 1996. BY June 1, 1996 I had two new 15 PASSENGER VANS and 1 SMALL PICKUP for my business. I have been in business going on 6 years, doing commercial shuttles or private shuttles on the ROGUE RIVER and ILLINOIS RIVER (Miami Bar to Oak Flat). I also meet incoming flights at the Medford Airport and transfer as few as one and as many as 24 from the airport to destination requested.

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